Hom Nath Gharti

Associate Research Scholar
+1 (609) 258-2605
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309 Guyot Hall

Hom Nath Gharti is an associate research scholar at the Department of Geosciences, Princeton University. He joined Jeroen Tromp's group in January 2012.  Hom Nath received a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Oslo and NORSAR, Norway, an M.Sc. in earthquake engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan, and B.E. in civil engineering from the Tribhuvan University, Nepal.  His primary research area is computational (geo)mechanics, including (an)elastic-gravitational wave propagation, postearthquake relaxation, glacial isostatic adjustment, gravity anomaly, microearthquakes; and hexahedral meshing and scientific visualization.

Collaborations: Dmitry Borisov, Leah Langer, Uno Vaaland, and Jeroen Tromp at Princeton; Ben Dando, Daniela Kuehn, Peter Naesholm, and Volker Oye at NORSAR; B.F. (Bob) Paap at TNO; Chanseok Jeong and Steve Lloyd at CUA; and Nian Wang at URI.