Earth Models

GLAD-M25 is a global earth model with 25 quasi-Newton iterations. The dataset contains 1480 earthquakes and 11,000 stations. With such a large dataset, we are able to make more than 18 million of measurements. It is a transversly isotrpoic model with 4 wave velocity parameters, Vpv, Vph, Vsv and Vsh, and extra two paramters, rho(density) and eta. We will also provide the isotropic wave velocity Vp and Vs.

We will provide our most recent model in various formats, for easy inspection, visualization and quantative analysis. The model will be available very soon, in Oct or Nov. Please check back frequenctly for updates.

1,480 earthquakes used in the GLAD-M25

1,480 Earthquakes used in GLAD-M25

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